For its commitment to Catholic education and solidarity with catholic schools in Davao, Digos, Tagum, and Mati Dioceses, the Holy Cross of Davao College extends its service to DACS-member schools who are experiencing difficulties in establishing their own website. Putting up a website especially during this time is not an easy or cheap undertaking. 

This program is part of the advocacy campaign of the Center for Social Communications, Alumni and Linkages of HCDC called “Human Connectivity and Digital Citizenship (HCDC)”. 

As part of this campaign, HCDC will offer a free webinar to all DACS schools that presently do not have a website. This free webinar covers the following topics:

  1. The Importance of School Website
  2. Planning a School Website 
  3. Enrolling School’s Website to “”  Domain

As an Archdiocesan College, HCDC designs this extension program in order to:

  1. Help member schools of DACS start planning for setting up their own functional website.
  2. Assist in registering their website in the “” domain.
  3. Assist in establishing content planning and management of the website on a small-sized organization setting.

This program is also in partnership with the HCDC Alumni Affairs’ ALIBYO (ALumni Involvement, BaYanihan and Outreach) Program — a volunteer program for alumni of HCDC. Through this program, our volunteer IT graduates may assist schools who want to set up their own website.

The free webinar is set on February 13, 2021, from 9 am to 12 nn. A pre-registration is required through this link  Pre-registration is until February 12, 2021, only.

For inquiries, you may contact (082) 221 9071 local 333 or through our staff Macky Ocay at 0917-813-4176 or Jemima Cagoco at 0917-146-6842.