(June 8, 2017, DACS BOT)


Sports coaching is an important element in developing athletic talents among students. The person of the coach is very influential in forming the skills, habits and values of the athletes and the young people in basic education.

Since the DACS Sports is a program participated by most DACS schools in their respective Diocesan cluster (DADITAMA), the quality of sports coaching has become a significant area to make it aligned to the goals and standards of catholic education.

There has been a felt need among DACS schools to improve sports instruction and coaching and to make the sports program not only an excellent training ground for athletes but more importantly as an avenue for character and values formation.  This will be achieved if the personnel who train and coach young athletes are themselves continually improving their professional knowledge and skills and have correct understanding of their roles as coaches and mentors and an appreciation of sports as an enriching part of Christian education.

Hence this formation program for coaches is proposed as a requirement for participation in the annual DACS Sports Events. Participation shall be applied for PRC-CPD points.


  1. Orient sports coaches to Church’s understanding and teachings about youth education, the role of sports and athletic activities 
  2. Update sports coaches on trends in coaching, sports management and on national and  international sports rules 
  3. Encourage sharing of expertise and resources in sports programs among DACS schools
  4. Foster collaboration and solidarity among sports coaches in Catholic Schools
  5. Provide opportunities for professional and personal development of sports coaches
  6. Improve the management of the DACS sports program

Design:  Two days, live out training scheduled at the beginning of the schoolyear. Organized by the Diocesan Cluster under the leadership of the Superintendent. Certificate of Completion will be required from coaches for participation in DACS sports events.

Participants: Full time or part time coaches or any faculty with coaching assignment

Registration: Charge to schools sports fund or sponsorships

Proposed Topics:

  1. Church teaching on Catholic Education, Youth and Sports
  2. Trends in Sports Education, Training, Management and Leadership
  3. Ethics, Cultural Sensitivity, Gender Issues, Child Rights
  4. Youth Psychology, Kinesthetics and Physical Development
  5. Designing  and managing school Sports Program
  6. Logistics, Finance and sports materials management
  7. International Rules
  8. Sports Linkage, Partnership, Marketing
  9. Handling Drugs and other Sensitive issues
  10. Valuing, Team Building

Resource: Diocesan Superintendent CEAP-DACS Christian Formation Committee, Sports Committee, Professional Sports Organizations and Institutions