Recent surveys show that almost half of Filipino population are either afraid or skeptical about the effectiveness or safety COVID19 vaccines.  This reveals  a limited understanding of the Science of Vaccination despite efforts of scientists and health authorities to convince people that only by implementing a comprehensive national vaccination program against the virus could limit if not end the worlwide pandemic and bring back some normalcy in the lives of people.  Information and Education campaign among Filipinos is therefore very important  as the government prepares for its national deployment and vaccination plan.

In line with this, the Davao Colleges and Universities’ Network (DACUN) Research Committee is organizing a webinar on the “National Deployment and Vaccination Plan for COVID-19 Immunization Program” scheduled on 24 February 2021, Wednesday, from 9:00 AM to 12 Noon.

Students and faculty of DACS member schools are encouraged to attend the said webinar. It is free and everyone is welcome. Below are the registration and meeting links to this virtual conference.


Registration Link:



Webinar ID: 979 1014 9316

Passcode: DACUN21 or 7705501

Meanwhile, Davao City passed “An Ordinance For The Implementation of the COVID-19 Immunization Program of Davao City” which will benefit residents and even non-residents of Davao City.

Recepients of the vaccine will be identified by age, gender, and other requirements based on the guidelines set forth by the national government through the Department of Health (DOH), Inter-Agency Task Force in the Management of Emerging Diseases (IATF), and the National Task Force Against COVID-19 (NTF).

A COVID-19 Electronic Immunization Registry (CEIR) shall be the official platform for master listing and registration for COVID-19 vaccination. An immunization card, which will reflect the date of immunization, immunization round/dose received, among other details, will be given to each person vaccinated under the Ordinance.

The Priority Eligible Group A includes frontline health workers, indigent senior citizens, remaining senior citizens, remaining indigent population, and uniformed personnel (AFP, PNP, PCG, BFP, CAFGU).

Priority Eligible Group B  include all teachers and school workers, all government workers, essential workers, socio-demographic  groups (PDLs, PWDs, IPs, Filipinos living in high-density areas), eligible students (primary, secondary, tertiary, and vocational),  Filipino migrant workers, and all remaining Filipino workforce as determined by DOLE, DTI, and the Civil Service Commission;

Priority Eligible Group C  – refer to all Filipino citizens not mentioned in Groups A and B.

In support of this National COVID19 vaccination Program, many Catholic schools have expressed willingness to make their facilities as vaccination centers if tapped by the government. DACS will also be conducting a survey among schools to gather data of volunteers who are willing to participate in the mass vaccination program of the government.