by: Sem. Alche Daclan Carriedo

Strong. Fast. Agile. Rising from the southern part of Davao Oriental, piercing through the Pacific’s wild waves, make way for the Maryknoll School of Sigaboy’s Blue Marlins, the official Sports Cluster of the Maryknoll High School of Sigaboy.

Blue Marlins, in general, are considered to be the largest of their kind and one of the biggest fish around the world. They are also one of the most recognizable due to their distinctive features: cobalt-blue top, silvery-white bottom, prominent dorsal fin, and the most observable of them all, their spear-shaped jaws.

These qualities, making up the identity of the Blue Marlin, also mirror the characteristics of the Blue Marlins of the Maryknoll School of Sigaboy. Big, not particularly in size, but in the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Every school athlete is an embodiment of solidarity, showcasing the commendable values of a true Maryknollian.

The cobalt-blue color at the top portion of the Blue Marlin represents ingenuity and enlightenment, whilst the silvery-white color at its bottom symbolizes cleansing, illuminating, and showing the way forward. Reflecting these attributes, the Blue Marlins of the school also practice mastery in their fields. They go the extra mile in making sure that their stunts and skills are neat, precise, and well-coordinated. For the Blue Marlins, there is no room for going back because they believe that there’s only one way towards victory, and that is onward.

Moreover, as stated, Blue Marlins are also known for the prominence of their dorsal fins. They use these to stabilize the movement of their bodies, avoiding rolling and assisting in sudden turns. To add, they are also one of the fastest fish in the ocean. In connection, the Maryknoll Blue Marlins also have dorsal fins of their own: faith. No matter how far they sail at sea, their steadfast faith will keep them grounded in humility and continuous perseverance. Despite losses and failures, the Marlins shall remain faithful to their goals in attaining the jackpot.

Furthermore, Blue Marlin fishes’ most recognizable feature is their spear-shaped jaw. They use this for hunting and feeding themselves. To add, Blue Marlins are also one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Just like them, the players of Maryknoll School of Sigaboy will also transfix recognition and grandeur on their opponents and on every field and platform they’ll ever step foot on. Their undeniable skills and mastery in their chosen sports will truly leave a mark not just on their opponents but on the spectators as well.

In conclusion, just like the magnificent traits of the famous Blue Marlin, the Blue Marlins of Maryknoll School of Sigaboy will also establish its track towards prestige and glory. They don’t just train to win, but they train to get better, to be the best in what they do. Hold on to your seats because they are coming, and they won’t stop until the trophy is theirs to claim.